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Facebook is not a replacement for conversation!

Facebook is a social networking tool that makes it easy to communicate with large groups of people in a single place. Its not a place to communicate with friends/foes through cryptic status messages.

The first time you do it people may ask what/who you are talking about, and the second and maybe even the third. But after that your 150+ friends don’t really care anymore about your melodrama and your passive aggressive BS and will likely just hide all future status messages from you. It’s boring.

Really, send an email, or pick up the phone…


It’s time to vent

Today’s Post a Day 2011 topic invited me to vent about something that drives me nuts – I dont usually need an invitation to vent but its nice to get one anyway!

My current annoyance is people who set themselves to appear offline on Skype and Instant Messengers (and especially when they later complain that no one contacts them).

When they contact me and I see their status says “XXX is offline” while they are talking to me I can feel my temper rise. It’s like having a phone that makes calls but can’t take them. The height of internet selfishness… “I can talk to anyone I want whenever I want but screw you if you want to initiate contact with me”.

Any complaints about loneliness or missing news from people who do this will be binned. With great enthusiasm I’ll add.

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