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Things I’m loving today

Things I’m loving today:

  • Peanut Satay with noodles
  • The anticipation of climbing into bed with a book I am savouring
  • Hot baths on my own
  • Watching my kids playing together
  • 19.15 when my better half gets home
  • eating the last Timtam and not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it
  • Slouching around all day in my old maternity pants

3 things I’m grateful for

3 things I’m grateful for:

Babywearing! I am grateful for my Moby wrap/Boba carrier when my baby is sick and needs to be held 24/7. With the Diva I had a ring-sling which I loved but didn’t bring with me when we moved. DestructaBoy was in a Moby wrap from a few days old and it was a lifesaver. Now that its Summer I find the Moby wrap a bit too hot so am using the Boba baby carrier instead. Its a soft-structured carrier – similar to a Manduca (just less pricey!). He settles as soon as he’s in it and it means I have my hands free to get on with what I need to do. Beats a pram any day!

Co-sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love more space… but Plunket be damned there is no way I’d keep my sanity feeding 3-hourly if we didn’t co-sleep.

Breastfeeding. I am grateful for breastfeeding because I didn’t really manage first time round and this time its been easy, and enjoyable. I have had lots of support which I am also grateful for and I hope to keep breastfeeding for a long while still.

Who knew I’d be such a hippie when my kids arrived?

3 things I want in my life:

I want to live closer to family. Whether that means family moving here or us moving, I aim to have at least one close family member living within 40km’s of us within the next 3 years.

Sleep. I really want to be getting 6 hours sleep in a row. I’m coping with the 2 – 3 hour stretches but I know I can’t carry on like this indefinitely. And I am not willing to do controlled crying to get it.

A holiday – we need a holiday. Even a short one will do. Of course I wouldn’t turn down two weeks in Bali at a 5 star hotel 😛

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