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It’s time to vent

Today’s Post a Day 2011 topic invited me to vent about something that drives me nuts – I dont usually need an invitation to vent but its nice to get one anyway!

My current annoyance is people who set themselves to appear offline on Skype and Instant Messengers (and especially when they later complain that no one contacts them).

When they contact me and I see their status says “XXX is offline” while they are talking to me I can feel my temper rise. It’s like having a phone that makes calls but can’t take them. The height of internet selfishness… “I can talk to anyone I want whenever I want but screw you if you want to initiate contact with me”.

Any complaints about loneliness or missing news from people who do this will be binned. With great enthusiasm I’ll add.


Thank heavens for Skype

Emigration is lonely, lonely, lonely. You don’t realise how much your support system – family & friends – mean to you until you cant see them. You know you’ll miss them but the enormity of it doesn’t sink in until you’ve moved and the novelty of the new country/home/job has worn off.

Its worst on special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, christmas. For christmas this year we had a Skype conference call with my sister in L.A and my mom in the UK.

It’s not the same, but I am still very grateful for Skype video calling! Its Friday evening here and I just spent an hour talking to my sister in the US where it is Thursday evening – we usually video call and then carry on with whatever we need to do, chatting as we do it. So this evening she was working in Photoshop, giving a visiting friend directions and printing Vinyl (she’s super talented!) and I was rocking DestructaBoy to sleep, entertaining the Diva and having a cuppa.

It was nice to just chat – even though I wish we could share a meal and talk all night. Anyway, I took a sneaky Skype pic while she was on, so here she is…

P.s Loving the cleavage La!

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