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Credit: Cathy Thorne

Why do people think its necessary to scare the crap out of pregnant folk?

On a friend’s facebook wall today she said that she is overdue, had just been for a scan and that they were estimating baby to be quite large. So I respond that scans aren’t usually all that accurate and that my kids were both much smaller than estimated so not to worry about it too much. Hoping that she’ll relax a little – because she really doesn’t need the stress right now!

And because scans are notoriously inaccurate, and because big babies don’t necessarily mean anything when it comes to how hard/easy birth will be.

But of course “well-meaning friends” have jumped in with horror stories about how much bigger their babies were than estimated and other encouraging words like “ouch!” and “wholey moley heck!” (no points for spelling either). It really annoys me.

I wish when someone spoke to pregnant woman they’d keep their info/responses thoughtful, encouraging and most of all kind. Because it is not kind to reel off horrible birth stories and comments about how enormous she is. And if what you are going to say includes the words “watermelon” please reconsider and save it for once the baby has arrived.

The wackiest advice I’ve ever heard

Today’s Post a Day 2011 topic is the wackiest advice I’ve ever heard.

Most of the wackiest advice I’ve heard has been pregnancy, birth or parenting related – you know, everyone’s an expert…

When my mother saw a pic on Facebook of me carrying DestructaBoy in a Moby Wrap she posted me newspaper clippings about babies suffocating in slings (incidentally they were bag slings, not something I own or use but she is still very concerned).

There was the colleague who while I was pregnant – and we were in an elevator – decided to give me advice on perineal massage that included a demonstration (using just her hands thank g*d). And another rather rotund male colleague who saw me making two slices of toast with avo for lunch and said “you know its a blessing, not an excuse, right?” and when I said “what?” he replied “the baby, its a blessing… not an excuse to eat. Thats a LOT of food”. Ass.

Other odd advice given is usually about co-sleeping (I’m going to roll on my child and kill him), breastfeeding (apparently 5 months is too long) and sleeping in general (the words “rod for your own back” get mentioned rather a lot).

Aah the joys!

The single most important thing I accomplished in 2010?

Today’s topic for Post a Day 2011 is “What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?”

This one is easy! I got pregnant and carried a baby almost to full term.

Conceived only 4 months after a miscarriage and carried to 35 weeks, DestructaBoy is my 2010 blessing:

So, what’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

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