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Describe your dream vacation

If money was no object what would your dream vacation be?

Mine would be somewhere with great food, Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand and would mainly revolve around staying in a very luxurious hotel with a good children’s programme so the kids could be entertained for an hour or two every day and we could have a time out. I don’t necessarily mean being physically apart from the kids – just not having to think up activities to fill each and every day would be a break.

I’d want an air-conditioned suite with two bedrooms, a lounge area and a bathroom with a bath & shower. It’d be ground floor and open up onto a sprawling lawn. There’d be a few different swimming pools, some beautiful scenery and of course, wonderful restaurants.

I’d want somewhere with amazing snorkelling, interesting markets, parks and reserves. And an in-room masseuse service wouldn’t go amiss either!

We can always dream, hey?

What are you looking forward to this year?

The Post a Day 2011 topic on WordPress today is about what you are looking forward to this year, and I have quite a few!

I am looking forward to lazy weekends with my family

I am looking forward to my son sleeping 4+ hours in a row at night

I am looking forward to a family holiday that I am determined we will have this year – we need it

I am looking forward to making new friends because this is the year for it

I am looking forward to seeing family this year, I am pretty sure my father-in-law will make it over sometime towards the end of the year (no doubt 2 weeks after he arrives I’ll be complaining about it but for now its on my list of positive stuff)

I’m looking forward to having my kids in the same daycare and not having to do 2 pickups and 2 drop-offs every day

So, what are you looking forward to this year?

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