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The women who’ve shaped me

I saw a post on the ThinkBannedThoughts blog with this title and although that post referred to characters in novels I thought it’d be a good idea on Women’s Day to do a similar post about the real life women who’ve shaped me.

I’m lucky to have a life full of very strong beautiful women…

There’s my mom who raised us well under incredibly difficult circumstances. When we were mostly grown up and out of the house she quit the day job she hated, emigrated and went back to university. After finishing a bachelor’s degree and a masters she’s going back into the workforce as a teacher and I think its amazing. I do miss having her live one street away though!

My gorgeous sister who is very talented and creative. We’re such different people but I think she rocks! When we were kids I was mortified that she’d walk around in “odd” clothing, now I think her rainbow hair and tutu’s are very cool even if I couldn’t pull them off myself.

My best friends Erica, Colleen and Bronwyn who are all very different but over the years have been the people I can tell absolutely anything and know they will still love me. These are the kind of friendships that last a lifetime, the kind where you know you can trust them with your car, your credit card and your kids. They’d bail me out of jail in a heartbeat (if they weren’t sitting next to me in the cell of course).

Katherine & Ilze. Two women I worked with years ago, who are both incredibly smart and switched on, I look to them as mentors. And luckily now also as friends. K has such a strong sense of right & wrong, watching her was a turning point in my career because it made me realise that work needs to “work” for you as well as for the company that employs you. I have huge respect!

Terry, my “adopted” family, the kind who automatically shares christmas lunch with the rest of us because the lines between family/friend don’t exist anymore. Terry is a wonderful, warm, hospitable woman and I’d have so loved having her be a constant influence in my children’s lives. I am so sad that we live so far away now but I think about her every Sunday when we’d usually have been meeting for breakfast and every time I bake because she cooks and bakes so well and we’d always meet over food.

And then my NZ friends who have been such a huge support to us in the last 3 years… Mika, Charmaine, Liesl, Vanessa, Corrie, Anne & Susie. I’m blessed with so many good friends I could spend another few hours on this post… but work calls!

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

Day 09 in the 30 days of truth challenge is “someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted”

I have a few friends I’d love to still be in touch with regularly but aren’t. Some are because of emigrating, distance makes quite a difference and its hard to keep up with people on an almost opposite timezone, others have drifted since I’ve had children and become one of those mom’s where its all about the kids.

I miss my friend Elaine a lot, we worked together for years and used to meet up during the work day for a cup of tea, some chocolate and a good bitch & moan.

Hope she’s having lots of champagne truffles on my behalf 🙂

Someone who deserves more credit than they get

This is another Post a Day 2011 topic: Name someone who deserves more credit than they get.

My friend Colleen deserves more credit than she gets. In 2010 she has with an enormous amount of grace and her usual sense of humour managed to look after her husband and 3 children, run a successful business, deal with her parents illness and battle cancer. When I look at what she has been through and how she has handled it I can only shake my head in amazement. I hope if I am ever in a similar situation I’ll have even half the determination she has.

This year I hope Coll kicks cancer’s butt, has another full year to enjoy with her dad, grows her business to the point where she can take a long holiday (in NZ please!!!) and enjoys her happy, healthy family.

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