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What would you give this Christmas?

Its Christmas eve, the reindeer food has been scattered across the garden, the milk, cookies (and fruit) has been put out for Santa and the kids are in bed. Looking at all the presents my kids have this year I know they are going to be thrilled with all their loot… but I also thought about what I’d give my family if we were giving non-material things…

For my DH, I’d give the gift of contentment. I think its a beautiful thing to have, the ability to be content with where you are and what you have at any particular time.

For the Diva, I’d give gratefullness (is that even a word?). I think its hard at her age and being a child who has never wanted for anything but I would love her to be able to understand how fortunate she is and that not everyone is as fortunate.

For Destructaboy, the ability to sleep for 8 hours straight. Ok, thats really for me. Maybe a break from his constant ear infections, the kid has had a rough time with 7/8 of them over the last year.

What would you give your family this Christmas?


Busy weekend

We’ve had a super busy weekend, lots of spring (summer) cleaning, time spent at the hardware store and DIY around the house.

I think the best thing so far is the mural we did in the Diva’s room, and she loves it too…

Next weekend we plant veggies in our new raised veggie bed (thanks DH!) and there’ll also be a lovely blackboard wall in my kitchen 🙂

Big milestones this week

So, two big milestones this week for our family this week:

1. Yesterday we enrolled the Diva in school. When we were first pregnant with her I remember seeing little girls walking to school, in too big uniforms with their hair beautifully plaited and thinking “wow, one day I’ll also have a little girl on her way to school”. At the time it seemed so far in the future – to me it represented the dream of having children. And in a few short months it’ll be my little one heading off to school. She loved the visit we had yesterday and the school seems to really value children’s creativity so it will be a good place for our smart, funny, imaginative  girl!

2. And then, today is DestructaBoy’s 1st birthday! Its a bittersweet moment, bitter because he is growing so fast and I was hoping time would pass more slowly with him being our last baby, and also because its days like today that remind us how far away from family we are. Our baby is 1 and none of our family members have met him yet. Just saying it hurts. Best we focus on the ‘sweet’… what a blessing this little guy is! People I know spoke about how hard the transition from one to two children is but we’ve had the opposite experience, this little boy is so laid back, just a charming, smiley little guy that fits in with whatever is going on around him. Very much a boy he doesn’t crawl, he gallops, and he’s recently discovered climbing so he’s clambering up on anything that stands still for long enough. Happy birthday my Angel!

Date night

So we finally managed to have a date night! Like normal people do. With a babysitter and everything.

A friend of ours gave us two Gold Class movie tickets and another friend came over to look after our ankle-biters so off we headed feeling a little like we’d forgotten something at home. The car was eerily quiet.

We arrived far too early for the movie so DH dragged me up and down Queen Street in the hopes that Camera/Camera or Kathmandu was still open (thank god they weren’t!). Then we had ridiculously oversized burgers for dinner before heading to the cinema.

Gold Class ROCKS. It has ruined us for any movie from here on because it just wont be good enough if it isn’t Gold Class. We sat in the lounge and ordered drinks, then went to our seats – big lazyboy chairs with loads of room (stretch if you want to hold hands) and relaxed while waiters brought drinks and ice-cream sundaes. The movie… well. We saw Black Swan which was scary as hell. I love Natalie Portman but that was one seriously warped movie… wouldn’t recommend it if you want to sleep some time in the week following (or am I just a big wuss?).

Cant wait for another date night!  Thank you Susie & Anne!

The women who’ve shaped me

I saw a post on the ThinkBannedThoughts blog with this title and although that post referred to characters in novels I thought it’d be a good idea on Women’s Day to do a similar post about the real life women who’ve shaped me.

I’m lucky to have a life full of very strong beautiful women…

There’s my mom who raised us well under incredibly difficult circumstances. When we were mostly grown up and out of the house she quit the day job she hated, emigrated and went back to university. After finishing a bachelor’s degree and a masters she’s going back into the workforce as a teacher and I think its amazing. I do miss having her live one street away though!

My gorgeous sister who is very talented and creative. We’re such different people but I think she rocks! When we were kids I was mortified that she’d walk around in “odd” clothing, now I think her rainbow hair and tutu’s are very cool even if I couldn’t pull them off myself.

My best friends Erica, Colleen and Bronwyn who are all very different but over the years have been the people I can tell absolutely anything and know they will still love me. These are the kind of friendships that last a lifetime, the kind where you know you can trust them with your car, your credit card and your kids. They’d bail me out of jail in a heartbeat (if they weren’t sitting next to me in the cell of course).

Katherine & Ilze. Two women I worked with years ago, who are both incredibly smart and switched on, I look to them as mentors. And luckily now also as friends. K has such a strong sense of right & wrong, watching her was a turning point in my career because it made me realise that work needs to “work” for you as well as for the company that employs you. I have huge respect!

Terry, my “adopted” family, the kind who automatically shares christmas lunch with the rest of us because the lines between family/friend don’t exist anymore. Terry is a wonderful, warm, hospitable woman and I’d have so loved having her be a constant influence in my children’s lives. I am so sad that we live so far away now but I think about her every Sunday when we’d usually have been meeting for breakfast and every time I bake because she cooks and bakes so well and we’d always meet over food.

And then my NZ friends who have been such a huge support to us in the last 3 years… Mika, Charmaine, Liesl, Vanessa, Corrie, Anne & Susie. I’m blessed with so many good friends I could spend another few hours on this post… but work calls!

My Mother is on Facebook

My mother is on Facebook. So is my father, my grandmother, and rather a lot of my extended family.

There’s nowhere to hide really. Since I discovered the internet my whole life has been online, partly because I spend my working day online and then come home and use the internet to relax and also because we are far from family so tools like Facebook, Youtube, and Photobucket are the easiest way to keep in touch.

I’m lucky that my relationship with my family is very open anyway (god forbid if it weren’t) but it made me wonder how people manage with friend requests and the like coming from family members. Is your mother on Facebook? And if she is do you censor what you post?

P.s. Love you Mom! 🙂

What a weekend!

What a crazy weekend we’ve had!

My lovely relaxed happy-go-lucky little boy morphed into a grumpy grinch and spent friday, saturday and sunday crying or wailing. A high temperature and lots of drool meant we suspected it was teething related and sure enough one tooth has just broken through with another pressing against the gums. I am not looking forward to the rest of this teething thing if its going to be like this for every tooth. And if anyone has any advice (short of keeping him medicated for the next few months) please share.

It seems to be the month for birthday parties with the Diva being invited to at least 2 every weekend for the next few weeks (see I’m not a fan of birthdays). This weekend one of her old friends from daycare #2 had her 4th birthday party at the beach which was really nice! My very odd kid ignored the cake and dived into the fruit platter (she definitely does not get that from me!), all was fine until an hour or so after we got home when she turned slightly green, left the room and regurgitated all the fruit onto the rug in the hallway. Blegh!! She kept getting sick for the rest of the day and I was a bit worried we’d have to cancel her party… luckily she woke up on Sunday morning a little pale and withdrawn but otherwise fine.

Diva woke up on Sunday and was led outside with her eyes closed. When she saw her gift, a very large trampoline she stood silent for a few seconds and then said “woah!…” like she couldn’t quite believe it was there. Then she thought it was just for her party and we explained that its hers and its staying. She’s been on and off it ever since and its made her quite popular with the neighbours kids too!

Sunday afternoon was party time and I think we’ll be doing all future parties at a venue, it was the best party ever. She and her friends from daycare had an amazing time! They got to dress up, were entertained by 3 or 4 fairies, had a treasure hunt, decorated cookies and had feast at a table laden with cupcakes, cookies, pizza and other goodies (none of which were made by me) and all the adults could sit and chat with a drink and some food, or join in the fun with the kids. Ivy cottage rocks!

I know having a party with only daycare friends was controversial with friends and family but it really worked out well for the kids and at the end of the day I wanted the party to be all about the Diva. Next time we may consider doing a separate barbecue to share the day with family and friends as well if time and finances allow but I’d always like to keep the school/daycare party separate.

Here are a few pics from the party…

Can gays raise children?

Hell yes, they can.

“…Your family doesn’t derive its sense of worth from being told by the State “you’re married! congratulations!”. No, your sense of family comes from the commitment we make to each other to work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones. It comes from the love that binds us. That’s what makes a family.”



What a fantastic young man Zach Wahls is – I imagine his mom’s must be very proud!

Nowhere I’d rather be

Lazy Sunday afternoons,

lying with my precious baby safe in my arms

can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

If I could stop time, this would be the perfect time, the perfect place.

What do working moms make for dinner?

I saw this post by Amy Graff on the Baby Centre website and it made me think about what other working mom’s do to get dinner on the table at a decent hour.

While I don’t make the same meal 5 days in a row (genius idea but I’m not sure I could stomach it!) I do have a few shortcuts and multitask like crazy.

Once I’ve finished work, fetched the kids and got home its usually around 6pm. So I need to wash & sterilise bottles, run a bath, entertain the kids and cook simultaneously. Some nights I am smart and have something in the slow cooker ready for me to just add rice/couscous and serve but most nights I end up trying to find the fastest possible meal so we can get fed, bathed and doing the bedtime routine.

This evening was corn on the cob and cheese on toast. Hardly a meal! Favourite fast meals are pies (thank heavens for ready-made puff pastry), macaroni cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, bangers & mash… I really need to add to my repertoire.

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