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Date night

So we finally managed to have a date night! Like normal people do. With a babysitter and everything.

A friend of ours gave us two Gold Class movie tickets and another friend came over to look after our ankle-biters so off we headed feeling a little like we’d forgotten something at home. The car was eerily quiet.

We arrived far too early for the movie so DH dragged me up and down Queen Street in the hopes that Camera/Camera or Kathmandu was still open (thank god they weren’t!). Then we had ridiculously oversized burgers for dinner before heading to the cinema.

Gold Class ROCKS. It has ruined us for any movie from here on because it just wont be good enough if it isn’t Gold Class. We sat in the lounge and ordered drinks, then went to our seats – big lazyboy chairs with loads of room (stretch if you want to hold hands) and relaxed while waiters brought drinks and ice-cream sundaes. The movie… well. We saw Black Swan which was scary as hell. I love Natalie Portman but that was one seriously warped movie… wouldn’t recommend it if you want to sleep some time in the week following (or am I just a big wuss?).

Cant wait for another date night!  Thank you Susie & Anne!



So, yesterday I took the day off work.

We took the kids to daycare and then went and enjoyed (mostly) a 3 hour kayak up the Puhoi River and then a leisurely pub lunch in the sun. And today I have that wonderful ache that comes from good old fashioned exercise 🙂

So, that’s one more thing off my 11 things to do in 2011 list.

DH has family here from the UK so it doesn’t quite count as a “date day” but it was a really good time out for us anyway! We really, really need to get more “kid free” time on a more regular basis. I’ll consider this a start.

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