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That’s it. No more parties!

introvertAfter 3 parties in 3 days I am Christmas partied out. Which is too bad because we still have about 4 of these social gatherings still to go.

The thing most people dont know is that I am an introvert. I’m an anti-social little hermit. Definitely not a people person and whatever you ask me to do or attend, know that I’d really rather be reading a book. I manage to hide this and fake being an extrovert 5 days a week because my job requires it (and its something I can fake to the point where all the Myers Briggs and other tests say I am an extrovert – ha!), but its hard work.

So when I am expected to attend social gatherings after hours and fill entire weekends with them, well… I panic.

Right now, I’m scrambling to come up with a plausible excuse to skip this afternoons “festivities”.

I don’t do small talk. I don’t know what to say/do in social situations. I am almost 100% sure I come off as a stuck up bitch at parties (last night’s one being a particularly awkward evening for me). If someone wants to discuss the awesome book they just read, or the amazing place they’ve just visited then I am there with bells on! But this “space filler” stuff that passes for conversation has me stumped.

And its not because I’m shy. Far from it! I just don’t want to talk when I have nothing to say.

I am exhausted. So I am opting out. There is only 1 of these next 4 social things where I will be with people who know me and love me as I am so that is the only one I’ll be going to. The rest of this week will be filled with some nice quiet time (and cookies… always cookies).


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2 thoughts on “That’s it. No more parties!

  1. “I just don’t want to talk when I have nothing to say.” I wish I had said that … I have never heard it expressed better!

  2. Ya, I’m with you there.
    Just been (alone) to a function where I knew two people and they were quite busy organising. The first part of the party I alternated between standing at the window looking incredibly taken by the view, and walking to the kitchen to get another juice. You can only do that for so long. Eventually I had to approach and make conversation with strangers. It’s *hard* work.

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