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The Barbie Graveyard

At the back of my cupboard is a Barbie Graveyard. Its full of Barbies, Moxie Girls, Bratz and the like that have been gifted to my daughter by well-meaning people who don’t know they’re unwelcome additions to her toy boxes.

It’s a gut-feel thing for me. I can’t see how these heavily made-up dolls in their skimpy hooker clothing could possibly be a good thing for 5-year-old girls to play with. I don’t want my daughter having these as role models. They feel like really inappropriate playthings for children.

What will she learn from these overtly sexualised toys? From their tight mini-skirts, thigh-high boots and faces that look like they’ve been gang-banged by a box of crayolas. I’ve yet to watch any of the programmes that go along with the dolls (they too are unwelcome in our home) but they don’t look like the kind of girls who value being clever or courageous, adventurous or inventive. I want my daughter to value herself more. And I want her to have a healthy self-esteem and to feel beautiful regardless of what she is wearing and whether she has the latest hairstyle or fashion accessories.

And I’m not convinced when Mattel releases a “doctor Barbie” every few years – these companies do not have my daughter’s best interests at heart.

I don’t feel comfortable giving them to other little girls either. So, for now there’s a posse of popular bitchy girls at the back of my cupboard. Right where they belong.


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9 thoughts on “The Barbie Graveyard

  1. I am so with you on that. If I ever have a girl, I will have an annual Barbie Barbie (geddit??) I stood my ground with Thomas and Wiggles, I will win that battle to!!

  2. I am kinda with you. Thankfully Miss M is into dinosaurs so less of a problem and I would probably quite like it if she showed an interest in dolls but what surprises me most about your story is that people give these dolls as gifts – really?!

  3. Kiara loves her Barbies – she rarely dresses them but plays the most incredible make believe games with them – listening to her is special.

    She got given most of them and the ones she has bought with her money have all been ones that have a animal with them πŸ™‚

    I do agree with what you are saying but I also think we, as parents, play a part in how they see things.

  4. Barb on said:

    I have no issue with dolls like this. Kids see things differently to what we as adults see them, and I try not to take that away from them by influencing them with my interpretations.
    I had Barbies as a child they honestly did not affect me in the way I hear adults worrying about their effect or the message they create. Those ‘messages’ only affected me as an adult reading and hearing the things that are said about them lol.

  5. I don’t have a problem with my kids playing with Barbies, but I do moderate which ones they get – many of the Barbies are lovely – mermaids, princesses etc, they are great for fantasy play and I do feel rather innocent still.

    I do draw the line at Bratz dolls and the like. They are simply awful!

    Interesting how we all view things differently. I definitely do see your point πŸ™‚

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