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Foodporn Friday: Macarons and babyshower cake

This Friday I took a day off work to bake in honour of a good friend who is expecting a baby in a few weeks. It was bliss! Amazing how therapeutic it was to have a day all to myself, in complete peace and quiet and doing what I like best.

We threw a babyshower for Mika on Saturday and I tried to stick to purple because she’s not that into pink (I couldnt resist making pink macarons though!). First I tackled a 6 layer Ombre cake in shades of pink and purple, with clouds of white frosting. Earlier in the week I’d made a little fondant baby with a blanket and bear to go on top of the cake and some stars to go around the bottom. Then I made up two batches of lemon brownies which are still a firm favourite at home.

I added some chocolate cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting and then lo and behold still had time to spare so I thought I’d tackle some macarons again. My previous attempts have been somewhat hit and miss so I was armed with two recipes but the first one I tried worked a charm and I was thrilled because it was the most straightforward, no-nonsense recipe I’ve found for macarons to date. If I could track Brave Tart down I think I would marry her. In the meantime though, here are her 10 Macaron Myths and 10 Macaron Commandments.

Brave Tart’s Macaron Recipe. I coloured these with a little pink gel colouring and then made a white chocolate ganache that I coloured a brighter shade of pink.

Lemon brownie recipe.

Chocolate Cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting.

Beat for at least 5 minutes:

  • 300g sugar (1.5 cups)
  • 4 eggs
  • half tsp vanilla

Mix well:

  • 30g cocoa (3 heaped dessert spoons)
  • 3/4 cup boiling water

Add the following to egg & sugar mixture and beat well:

  • 1 and 1/4 cup flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Then add hot cocoa and beat well. I baked these for around 18 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. Keep an eye on them!

American Buttercream Frosting.

225gr butter (salted, or unsalted)
1/4 teaspoon salt (if using unsalted butter)
4 cups icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (best quality available)
2-3 tablespoons cream or milk.

Beat the butter ’till smooth. Add 2 cups of the icing sugar and continue beating. Add the vanilla and a small amount of cream/milk before adding the remaining icing sugar. Colour & flavour as needed. I used violet gel colouring to get a nice lavender colour.

For the Ombre cake I used Martha Stewart’s Rainbow Cake recipe but coloured each batter a different shade of purple.

I wanted the frosting to be fluffy and white so instead of butter I used Sno-Creme, a soya substitute that ends up white when icing sugar is added. I used 1 cup of Sno-Creme, and added icing sugar and milk until it was the right consistency. Then I added rosewater for flavouring.

Aren’t my chocolate covered children adorable? They werent there to sneak off with bowls of ganache like they usually do so this pic is from a few weeks ago 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Foodporn Friday: Macarons and babyshower cake

  1. Wow! It all looks delicious. You have one lucky friend. I think I will give the macaroons a go now and please, please tell me more about this Sno-Creme! I haven’t been icing cakes since we have been dairy free – ok, sometimes I do using just icing sugar, orange juice and a little oliviani but it really isn’t the same.

    • Thanks Greta! Give the macarons a go. The Sno-Creme can be bought at Milly’s Kitchen or at the Cake-Bitz shop in Birkenhead. I think it could be a good substitute – its flavourless though so make sure you add something.

  2. mmmm delicious 🙂 And chocolate covered kiddies are always delectable x

  3. You are a genius. A baking genius. I am drooling!!! And I am after the Sno-creme for my dairy free princess. Thanks!

    • Aah thanks Sammy!

      My gorgeous niece will be coming to visit at Christmas so I’ll be needing to do gluten and dairy free then. The sno-creme was good practice… now just to find a gluten free cake recipe.

  4. Bron on said:

    Oh. My. Word.
    One day I will do the macarons. And a layered cake!
    I aspire….

  5. Everything looks so perfect!

  6. OMw you are so clever!

  7. colsevsa on said:

    I’m terribly lucky that you don’t live here anymore – imagine the size of me then!! This looks divine.

    Send Macaroons home with dad – pretty please????

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