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Foodporn Friday: Lemon Brownies

I’ve needed a break from chocolate (who’da thought it possible?) and found a recipe for lemon brownies on Pinterest that looked pretty good.

I’ll just link you straight to the recipe on Rita May’s blog because its absolutely perfect just as it is. I’ll be making this one regularly – its fast, easy and oh so good. Enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “Foodporn Friday: Lemon Brownies

  1. I think you should add “even my baking failure of a sister made these successfully, they are that awesome….”

  2. I saw these and just had to give them a try. They are pure EVIL!!! Hubby and I just couldn’t stop eating them. So not good for my hips…lol!

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  4. maggie on said:

    OMGaawwdd!! You can’t eat just one…or two. These are addicting. They’re like a cross between a lemon bar and lemon cake or maybe more like lemon poundcake..idk lol . They are great with hot tea or coffee. They. are. heavenly refreshing(?). I’m babbling..THEY ARE GOOOODDD! Must try.

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