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A little book love

A wonderful thing has happened recently. Somehow I’ve been finding time to read.

Two small, demanding children and yet it happens. I read while I cook. I climb into the bath with a book as soon as they’re both in bed. On days when they nap I tip-toe into the sunroom, curl up on a bean bag and read until they wake. Even at work I manage to sneak a 20 minute reading break.

Recommendations from friends have led me to the books I’ve enjoyed most the past few weeks…

First, The Hunger Games. I feel silly admitting it because its supposed to be teen fiction and I’m far from a teen, but this trilogy was so riveting I got through the series in 4 days. I was grumpy about having to sleep and eat because it was interrupting my reading (and before anyone asks, I was disappointed in the movie).

Next was When She Woke – this wasn’t something I’d have picked up usually. I’m not sure what genre it would fit into and the cover wouldnt have caught my interest but it was recommended by someone who has similar taste so I got it and ended up loving it. I’m looking forward to reading more by Hilary Jordan.

The Birth House has been on my must read list for ages and I enjoyed every page. It reminded me a little of The Red Tent, possibly because it revolves around strong, interesting women. Would definitely recommend it!

Lastly, The Help. Another thats been on my must read list for a while but I’ve been on the waiting list for it at the library for ages. Its fascinating (and makes me glad I live when and where I do).

Recommend some more books for me – I only have a few more lined up and am hoping for lots more quiet reading time over the coming winter.


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One thought on “A little book love

  1. I have read “the help” and I loved it. I also think the movie wasnt so bad.

    I loved the Steig Larson trilogy “the girl with the dragon tatoo”

    “The book theif” is one I have on my iPad, and have not got round to reading it yet, but have heard its a great book

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