a freeform blog

Short and sweet

Blogging bullet-point style because I am far too tired to think in full sentences.

  • Work has ramped up considerably. Its good but the hours are long and I am tired.
  • My goal this year is to get my sister here for Christmas. I need to see family, and I need the kids to have family around even if only for a few weeks. Fingers crossed we can make it happen!
  • This morning my dad bought tickets to come and visit. I havent seen him in more than 4 years and he’s never met Destructaboy (Diva was only 1 when he last saw her), I’m an odd mix of thrilled and nervous. I wonder what he will think of our family, our home, our life…
  • Seeing the Hunger Games on Sunday. I loved the books and cant wait for the movie.

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