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Things I’m Loving This Week

Things I’m loving this week…

Good books, and having the time to read them.

My new bluetooth speaker that allows me to do this.

Spicy chai lattes.

Finding old videos of my kids… even if its a video of them having a tanty!


A very moody photo of me taken by DH – the first photo of me without one of the kids in a long time.

A day out climbing trees with girlfriends.



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11 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving This Week

  1. woow day out climbing trees! sounds amazing, I didn’t climb a tree for two years now!

  2. LieslK on said:

    Love your work T! The best blog to read on a Friday morning! Wooohoo to tree climbing too!

  3. Love the slap, lovely photo of you and what is not to love about chai?!

  4. Nothing better than having the time to read a good book! Well…you know what I mean! Climbing trees sounds like fun.

  5. great photo of you!!

  6. Loved the video ❤

  7. What a great list – love getting time to read!!!

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