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Foodporn Friday: Salted dark chocolate cookies

Ok, I know it’s Saturday… but just pretend, k?

Last weekend I got to try a recipe I’ve been obsessing about since it was posted. I love rolled cookies, they’re nice to make and always look so much nicer than drop cookies and with my recent obsession with salted sweets this was just up my street.

These salted dark chocolate cookies are SO good, so very, very good! I’m planning to make them again tomorrow if I can just get out early enough to get more dark chocolate. Only thing I’d do differently is add more salt next time. They looked pretty with the few sparse flakes on top but I’d like to get a little salt in every bite.

Get the recipe here, from Orangette.


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5 thoughts on “Foodporn Friday: Salted dark chocolate cookies

  1. These look very yummy. i might give them a go with the new mixer 😀

  2. mikstidbits on said:

    Mm that sounds delicious!!!

  3. Yum!!! They look so good!

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