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Me time?

I’ve been on leave for the last two weeks with the kids and for the last 3 days of my leave they will be going back to daycare. It was an accidental issue with booking but when I found out they were booked in these last few days I thought it’d be a good opportunity to have some time to myself to relax before going back to work.

So, day 1 and I’ve spent most of the day doing laundry, cleaning the house and organising to have our washing machine fixed…

I dont really know what I want to do. Its like after years of focussing on what the family wants/needs I dont really know what I want.

I’ve read my book (in the laundromat, a cafe and the library). And now I am at a loss. Maybe I’ll just keep reading!

What do you do if you get time alone?



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10 thoughts on “Me time?

  1. I write blog posts, poems, read, wander (aimlessly) around the mall, go to the beach and have a coffee at the $$$ cafe without having to chase K and I have also gone to the movies on my own – such fun!

  2. I had a few hours alone time yesterday. I really wanted to play some computer games, but after tidying and getting some accounts done my me time was over 😦 Oh dear, maybe next time.
    Really just anything relaxing I’m happy with.

  3. I love a good book, trying new sewing projects from the hundreds of online tutorials I browse, having coffee with friends, going shopping where I can take my time instead of having to rush πŸ™‚

  4. I knit, tweet, play on the internet, write, read have a nap
    actually the list is endless I never feel like I have a moment to myself. I think I would battle to have enough time alone rather than not know what to do. My knitting list alone could keep me knitting solidly for a couple of months

  5. These days I run, cycle, or just waste all the time doing nothing really on the Internet… :/

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