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What would you give this Christmas?

Its Christmas eve, the reindeer food has been scattered across the garden, the milk, cookies (and fruit) has been put out for Santa and the kids are in bed. Looking at all the presents my kids have this year I know they are going to be thrilled with all their loot… but I also thought about what I’d give my family if we were giving non-material things…

For my DH, I’d give the gift of contentment. I think its a beautiful thing to have, the ability to be content with where you are and what you have at any particular time.

For the Diva, I’d give gratefullness (is that even a word?). I think its hard at her age and being a child who has never wanted for anything but I would love her to be able to understand how fortunate she is and that not everyone is as fortunate.

For Destructaboy, the ability to sleep for 8 hours straight. Ok, thats really for me. Maybe a break from his constant ear infections, the kid has had a rough time with 7/8 of them over the last year.

What would you give your family this Christmas?


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7 thoughts on “What would you give this Christmas?

  1. For Captain Awesome – balance. In all aspects of his life.
    Monkey – An ability to shield his sensitivity without becoming hardened and callous. And a mute button 😛

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Loads of love and blessings from me!!

  2. colsevsa on said:

    Have you thought of grommets ?

    • The doctors said they’d put him on the list for grommets after 6 ear infections in 1 year. I think he has had 8 but the last two we got treated at the after-hours clinic so next time we see the doctor for him we can ask to have him put on the waiting list.

      That said, fingers crossed he just doesnt get any more! His speech is all of a sudden coming on in leaps and bounds since he hasnt had an ear infection in a while… I am sure he hasnt been able to hear very well for a long time.

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