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Today I was in a children’s clothing store getting some summer clothes for the kids. Crouched over a rack of shorts I heard a girl asking if she could try some on…

And her mothers response “no, they will make you look absolutely enormous”.

I looked up to see a girl no older than my Diva.

What on earth is wrong with people? Why do we need to pass that kind of insecurity and body conscious BS on to our 4 year olds?

I didn’t say anything to her but I think my sharp intake of breath and shocked expression was probably noticed.


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2 thoughts on “Urgh.

  1. Fair enough. But if your child wants to wear something that makes them look enormous, would you just let them?

    • I’d never tell my child they were enormous or that something made them look enormous. And yes I’d let them wear something that I didn’t think looked good on them (as long as it wasn’t something wildly inappropriate).

      I think its bad enough that women make each other feel ugly, its reached a special new kind of low when we do it to our own daughters.

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