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Things I’m loving this week

Girls nights out. This week I joined some ex colleagues at Satya for a catch-up. The restaurant was perfect (the Dahi Puri is sublime), the company was fantastic and it was great to get some time out from the routine. We ate too much, drank too much and laughed too much… moderation be damned!

Voting. I was torn about whether or not to vote in the NZ election because I am not a New Zealander. But then I figured I have permanent residence and if I dont vote then I forfeit my right to complain about any governmental decisions so tomorrow I will be taking my place in the queue and voting like the Libertarian Leftist I am. P.s there is a good political compass here and a nice way to compare different party policies here.

Swimming lessons with Destructaboy starting on Sunday. We did baby swimming lessons with the Diva but Destructaboy has up until now missed out. After seeing how much he loved being in the water at the hot pools last weekend I thought we’d give the mom and baby swimming lessons a try. I hope he loves them!

Our local library. Over the last week I have been requesting books that I’ve been wanting to read for a while and I was dismayed to see that for some books I was 17/17 in the queue for the book (and in one case 732 in the queue!!!). If you assume each person keeps the book for the full month allowed it could be years before I read some of these. But, what luck… 5 of the books I requested have all come in for me already :). Its going to be a very good few weeks for reading!



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7 thoughts on “Things I’m loving this week

  1. Lattejunkie on said:

    732 in the queue? Which book is it? If I have it I can mail it to you and you can read it and mail it back 😀

    Loving your list and Satya looks amazing mmmmmmmmmm

  2. Great list! Where did you do baby swimming lessons and how old was your little one when you took her? x

  3. I so agree when it comes to a GOOD night out with friends then the louder the laughing and larger the portions the better the night! I always forget about the reserve system.

  4. that looks like a yummy restaurant!!

  5. That food looks so good!! Yay for having the freedom to vote – you are so right about making the most of our opportunity.

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