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3 Freebies people give my kids that I hate

1. Sweets/lollies. This especially annoys me when its given at the doctors after an appointment.Surely if anyone should know better than to offer children sweets it would be the doctor. And then you stand there frantically shaking your head as they reach for an oversized jar of violently coloured lollipops that you know will keep the child happy for all of 10 seconds before it ends up stuck in their hair or ground into your car seats.

2. Balloons. These usually come branded with a corporate logo so your child gets to be free advertising for a company for the 20 minutes they spend waving it around at your face height before it gets let go or popped (not sure which is worse because the resulting tantrums are about the same!).

3. Party bags filled with small plastic toys that get broken or forgotten until they end up embedded in the sole of my foot in the middle of the night while I walk to the bathroom.

What freebies do your kids get given that you hate?


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6 thoughts on “3 Freebies people give my kids that I hate

  1. Totally agree, but I don’t mind balloons, my son has never been given one with advertising on it though, and doesn’t care when they get popped or fly away. My neighbours always give Pete ice-creams, the guy just walks over when we are outside and gives it to him, and of course he doesn’t listen when I say no to giving him crap! I just wish people would think before they give other people’s kids stuff, no parents wants to be nagging over silly things like that!

  2. I HATE balloons – I love them but I hate it when kids get given them :-p

  3. BB guns… my pet peeve and hate.

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