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What thing did you HAVE to have – that is now gathering dust?

For me I think the most notable was an MP3 player. It was soooo pretty… and shiny… and pink… and the music, well, that could only be a bonus, right? Well, I think I charged it and used it once before remembering I hate wearing earphones especially those horrible earbud ones. I like my music played extra loud through a set of speakers so I can sing at the top of my voice and be mercifully drowned out by someone who isn’t tone deaf like me.

DH is even worse! He finds shiny new things he HAS to have immediately at least twice a week. And they are usually expensive (think archery gear, scuba diving gear, mountain biking gear, photography gear, fishing gear – and of course the accompanying boat…)

So, what thing did you HAVE to have, that is now gathering dust?


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8 thoughts on “What thing did you HAVE to have – that is now gathering dust?

  1. Lattejunkie on said:

    Food processor, pop corn maker, wii fit, the book Wicked…

    And don’t get me started on DHs list πŸ˜›

    • What is the “Wicked” book? My food processor gets used, just not as often as it should because its a mission to clean. I use a mandoline or a hand beater first wherever I can.

      We got a Wii and planned to get the Wii fit balance board and DVD but never did… so, 15 months later the Wii is still sitting around unused (just like the playstation)

      • Lattejunkie on said:

        Popped it on your FB page πŸ˜€

        The Wii is still used often but not the fitness board.

  2. I am actually pretty good about this… I go without things for ages before biting the bullet, so usually by the time I do get them I really DO want and need them. In fact I am pretty bad about this with my kids and prevent and discourage them from wanting and getting stuff that I fear will not hold their interest and attention for very long.

    There MUST be something, but I can not think of anything right now. I don’t even do kitchen gadgets…

  3. My initial reaction was to say something that might have got me into a fair amount of trouble. So with great self restraint, I will hold my tongue. T, I am sure you could have a fair guess.
    In general I would say that I buy things and then use them with great enthusiasm for quite a while. Then they might fall out of favour and gather dust, but at least they were well used for a time and paid their dues.

  4. After doing many many moves in one year, I am proud to say that I have not really got anything that sits unused with dust on it….. At this moment, we use everything we have, but it will only be a matter of time until I accumulate expensive junk that I will never use

  5. There is a steam cleaner somewhere that I feel embarrassed about.

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