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Blog changes ahead

Finally everyone in my house is healthy and I have some time to blog. But haven’t. I’m a little rattled to be honest after reading about how a blog post lead to someone calling Child Protection Services on one of the BlogHer bloggers.

Recently I blogged about the fact that I don’t blog anonymously. Its not because I had anything against it, but I just didn’t see a good enough reason. And now I do… this could happen to any of us.

And its made me rethink blogging as myself. So, I plan to spend the next however long editing blog posts. Hope everyone is willing to hang around whilst I do it 🙂



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11 thoughts on “Blog changes ahead

  1. Bronwyn on said:

    FFS. Cannot believe how officious some people are. People like that should spend a while in a 3rd world country and see what real hardship to kids is all about.

  2. Totally agree. I have a blog that is mine, which i post photos that don’t include kids names, or faces and so forth, but talk about real life, things that happen.

    I have another blog, totally separate which is anon, totally. No photos, all names, places, ages etc changed, as it’s where i put my thoughts. I don’t want the 2 to ever be realised as being one and the same, for the fears above.

  3. Wow, that is insane. And the worst thing is, having dealt with CYFS (with Rupi’s adoption) I can TOTALLY see it happening here.
    I blog anonymously to a degree. A lot of people I know read my blog but the blog doesn’t have the kids real names, mu hubbie’s real name or our surname. Or the area we live in either. For me its more about keeping us safe but after reading that article I am so glad I have a version of anonymity!

    • I think thats how I’ll handle it too going forward Sammy – I’ll still post pics of the kids because my blog is a contact point for our family since we emigrated but I will use nicknames. Malicious people on the net seem to have gone from being merely an annoyance to being a very real threat.

      I’m about a 3rd of the way through changing names so its a less arduous task than I thought it might be 🙂

      • What a crazy situation that you have to go to such lengths. But I guess the internet is full of crazies (just look at the comments section on any news forum – news24 for SA is a good eye opener!) and I guess we should all be protecting ourselves from them. What an annoyance!

  4. Holy crap someone better call the CPS on me! That is LUDICROUS man! GRRR 😦

  5. Good heavens – it’s insane. Anyways, great to “meet’ you – over from Luaras (I use nicknames)

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