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Things I know

A few arb things I know this week…

I am very grateful to have my happy, healthy little boy back. His skin will take a little while longer to heal but he’s eating, drinking and playing again.

Not to judge a book by its cover – literally. I’m a little compulsive about things and I *always* take out 4 books from the library at a time. I’d picked up 3 books two weeks ago and was struggling to find a 4th when DestructaBoy had a meltdown. I grabbed a book from the recent returns trolley and left in a hurry. When I got home I saw it was a book about zombies. Zombies? Really? So I just ignored it… until I had nothing else to read and it was a choice between the zombie book or the back of a cereal box. Turns out it was a really good read! I may just pick a book randomly on a more regular basis!

I am determined to get to the Auckland Sling Babies Walk this weekend. I really should be cleaning my house, running errands and taking the Diva to a birthday party. Tough! Its ME time. Now, just need to figure out how to carry both kids and not break my back.

I have itchy feet. I’m spending lots of time surfing travel sites and daydreaming about Bali. And Rarotonga.

Pinterest is ridiculously addictive.

I’ve been kidding myself about wanting/needing to make more friends. If I am being honest about it I am antisocial. Making friends is really hard work and definitely gets harder the older I get. Add to that how sloth-like I am and I just can’t be arsed.

DH and I are way overdue a date night. Things are all feeling a bit same-y. Must make a plan!


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3 thoughts on “Things I know

  1. Love this post 🙂
    Especially the bit about the me time. Look after yourself. you need it!

  2. So happy your boy is better!! 🙂

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