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Wow its quiet in here

Our house this week is dedicated to hand, foot and mouth disease, to scary looking blisters, peeling skin, crying, whining and losing 1.5kg’s in a week. To broken sleep and fighting to get any food, drink or medication down the little guy’s throat.

I hate it when my kids are sick. I wish I could take it all away!

DestructaBoy is pretty much always sick but its usually low level stuff… ear infections, colds, that kind of thing. Seeing him in pain has been awful, and we still have a few days to go.

This week we are hoping and praying for a well child, a few hours of sleep and some much needed peace and quiet.

On a different note I don’t know if its a developmental thing or a side effect of being sick but he’s become very demanding! He’ll climb your legs until you pick him up, point in a direction and say “go” until you are where he wants, then he points at whatever has caught his attention until you hand it over. And the defiance if you dare to disobey! There’s the raised eyebrow, chin jutted out and the accompanying finger wag. I wonder where he gets that from?…


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15 thoughts on “Wow its quiet in here

  1. That looks SO painful?

    • Sandi, its horrific. Its on his face, the insides of his mouth and nose, his feet, his hands, his bottom, his thighs… he cant sit, he cant stand, holding him causes him pain. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. The doctors do think its been complicated by a bacterial infection (hand, foot and mouth is viral).

  2. Poor poor bubba and mumma and sista and dadda…

    I hope it all goes away soon!

    And I am sure any attitude is from his father’s side… It is in our house πŸ˜€

  3. Oh poor little boy! That looks awful, hoping he gets better fast!

  4. Oh poor little guy!!
    That looks awful! Oh man!

    I’d say ‘give him a hug from us’, but that’d probably hurt too much… Blow him some kisses for us!

  5. Oh my word. Poor little guy – that looks terrible. Hope its over soon, it must be hell for everyone.

  6. Cripes! There is nothing like a sick baby to break your heart. What a brave wee man. I hope he slept lots and didn’t feel the pain too much and all is better now.

  7. Oh, that is terrible. I hope he is feeling better. My niece and nephew got it horrible (brother-in-law too!) just before my son was born last year.

  8. I cant see the pic but it sounds horrid 😦 Shame man poor little thing!

  9. Dan R. on said:

    We just started down this terrible path with our 18 month old. It’s been 4 days since the first blisters appeared and now he is covered. Today has been the worst by far. Just looking for a little insight on how long it took for you child to get comfortable again, and how it took for the blisters to scab and then heal completely. It’s a really terrible thing, but at least he will have immunity and not have to go through it again. Thanks for the insight.

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