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The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce

This morning a friend shared a link to a Huffington Post article called “The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce” and it was so interesting I had to share it. I love the voyeuristic look into other people’s relationships and what they are thinking – its an area that usually isn’t discussed unless between *very* close friends. You end up getting the impression that everyone around you is blissfully happy (and are stunned when they get divorced out of the blue).

Now, I’m not married. But after 13 years together I can relate to most things marriage related 😛

After interviewing hundreds of women the author identified 3 strategies that work best if a woman is to stay happily married…

  • A sense of purpose and passion in work and causes outside of the home. Check!
  • Not spending a whole lot of time with their husbands (which I think is ironic really). Kinda Check? I used to have a solo holiday every second year until the kids came along. Now we spend pretty much all our time together.
  • Having a tight circle of wild women friends with whom to drink, travel and vent about their husbands. Check! Check! Check!

So, its looking pretty good for me :). I think the tight circle of female friends is super important, not just to a marriage but for life in general – I always feel so much better after time sharing (b*tching) with a great friend.


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9 thoughts on “The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce

  1. Amen to the women friends thing. It’s the bit that keeps me semi sane.
    Liked the article but though the comments were a bit rubbish – filled with ranters who obviously didn’t understand what she was trying to say. (But that seems to be the norm for a comments section:-D)
    One day when the kids are bigger we will have to do a girls only holiday!

    • I must admit I didnt read the comments – read the article and then came straight to my blog to share it. The piece about staying in a relationship because the happy time is more than the unhappy time really struck a chord with me.

      And hell yeah to the girls only holiday! I’m thinking Mexico…

  2. I did not find this article half as interesting as it seems everyone else did lol. Maybe it is interesting if you relate to it which I dont.

  3. It was an interesting read but I can’t say i like one word of it. I want to more than “endure” my marriage, and I know that will take work but I’m so willing to.
    Really don’t agree with some of the views out there on what marriage is.
    Thanks for sharing though! Was interesting (but a little sad too)

    • I know there are lots of women who are enduring their marriage – but I think the article was more about the women who were happiest in their marriages (and how to create “an enduring” marriage). I can see how the article might make people sad… but for me I kinda got a kick out of knowing that not everyone is living in shiny sparkly wedded bliss. Being with someone for a long time is awesome, but its also hard… and I would hate to think I was the only person who has hard days.

  4. I found it kind of sad to read… despite having a very tempestuous marriage which I did contemplate getting out of lots of times, and then totally HAD to.. I still think for the most part I had a good marriage and we got on well and were happy and more importantly had FUN. It’s sad to think so many people are just tolerating their lives…

  5. Yes, marriage isn’t always a bed of roses. Yes, it takes work.

    But honestly, separate holidays, girls’ nights, etc… why be married at all if you’re spending no time together?

    I look at marriage as wanting to spend our time together. Obviously within reason… but the day I go on a holiday on my own by choice, I may as well file for divorce.

    Yes, that’s the ’50’s housewife talking 😛

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