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Do you like paper books or e-readers?

Do you like paper books or e-readers?

I love books. When we emigrated we brought 36 boxes of books across with us in our container – which in hindsight was stupid – but we couldn’t decide which books to part with.

Now I am looking at getting an e-reader. I have Kindle on my iPhone but am considering an iPad so that I can have an e-reader but also use it for blogging and apps for the kids. I wonder if I’ll miss paper? I do know that I don’t want to be buying any more paper books. The house looks like a library and not in a good way!

Do you have an e-reader? What do you prefer?


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11 thoughts on “Do you like paper books or e-readers?

  1. I do prefer paper books, but I’m not against e-readers. I have thought hard about getting a Kindle recently so I can get the free classics (of course, I’m sure I can get them anyway in e-format without a Kindle . . . . but it’s harder to curl up with a laptop!). My house looks like a library, too–our books are overflowing the shelves my husband put up for us ^_^

  2. I dont have an e-reader and dont really want one.

    I love my books. I love that we have too many books for the book cases we have. I love that they lie around.

    Its books all the way for me 🙂

    • I love(d) books too… but lately they just seem to be dust collectors. I dont often read a book more than once and owning them doesnt give me the same glow it used to. Think I need to join a new bookclub – the library is good but I miss bookclub!

  3. Dont have an e-reader but think I would love one, I would probably read more then as it is easier to always have close by (and the idea of reading something electronically for some reason does not give me that weighed down guilty lazy-ass feeling that curling up with a book does).

  4. Love my Kindle! There’s definitely a place for both in my life. It’s risky to bath with a Kindle. I will drop it in one day! And I wouldn’t necessarily want it on the beach/by the pool etc cos I’d get it wet/sandy/broken.
    I like to read. I’m not going to get too hung up over what I’m reading from.

  5. Oh I love books, the smell of books, the feel of books, everything. However it is a lot easier to pull my phone out and start reading while I’m waiting for the kids or something.

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