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Do you blog anonymously or as yourself?

I blog as myself rather than anonymously – although I started doing so just by default. I’ve gotten used to most of my life being on the internet and it was only months into blogging (probably when I posted about the libido fairy) that I thought “hmm, maybe I dont want everyone knowing who I am and where I live and what I eat for breakfast”. But its a bit late now!

I know lots of people who use pseudonyms to blog as well as nicknames for their kids – and I think its smart. I’m not planning on starting over again so that I can do the same though. I don’t think I write about anything that would cause my kids great embarrassment later in life, and I also think I should have leeway to write about my life and my experiences (even when it includes innocent 3rd parties).

Do you blog anonymously or as yourself? And why?


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15 thoughts on “Do you blog anonymously or as yourself?

  1. I blog as myself, and I don’t follow many blogs that are anonymous. When I think of anonymous bloggers I think of Abby Lee from ‘A girl with a one-tracked mind’. I understand why she wanted to be anonymous but I’m not interesting and cool enough to need to be that private. If I embarrass my kid, well too bad, what kid isn’t embarrassed because of parents! I don’t say anything too bad or put pictures of him going toilet on the internet!

  2. I blog as myself. I didn’t really think about it until earlier in the year, but by then I figured it doesn’t bother me too much.
    Though some days I wish it was anonymous so that I could have a huge rant about things (specifically related to people I know), but then those people would probably know it was me anyway so there’s not much point 😉

  3. I have always used my real name when online.

    I have tried to blog anonymously but then forget the nicknames I gave people or the logon etc – it is just easier to do it as me.

    The only thing that makes anon blogging appealing is that I would be able to share my thoughts on my MIL :-p

  4. Yep I am ME, always have been and always will be. I think people are only anonymous when they are uncomfortable about their opinions and/or want to say things about people which they couldn’t or wouldn’t say to them. I try not to be like that or do that anyway. If someone overheard me talking about them I like to think that what I was saying would be truthful and something I’d be willing to tell them anyway…

  5. I started as Jenty cos that was my intention, but it was so damn tricky that I forgot all about it in the first few weeks. Life’s too short for hassles like that

  6. I blog as myself, I think, still new in this and battling my way through a few obstacles! I do this to reflect and look back in a few years and with my memory as it isbat the mo there is no way I will remember the nicks!!!!

  7. I blog as myself, although I did get freaked out, deleted my blog and considered starting over fresh BUT I just couldn’t let it go.
    So alas I am still here 🙂

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