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Get rid of 50 things

Clutter. Everywhere I look there is clutter. It makes me feel panicky, claustrophobic. How did we accumulate all this “stuff”? And why? The sheer gluttony of it all makes me feel queasy. I know part of it was moving into a much smaller home with all the possessions that once filled a larger space – but whatever the reasons we need to downscale.

So my mission is to get rid of 50 things. No time limit (ASAFP!). There is so much that can be sold, donated, given away or thrown away.

I’ll update as I get rid of stuff…

1. Manky old snackwich machine.

2. Hand-held mixer that I loathe because it has a rounded base and falls over whenever you try rest it anywhere. Whoever designed this one hadn’t baked sh*t. Besides, I have a shiny new one that doesn’t irritate me.

3. Portacot. We have 2, so one is now gone. Surplus to requirements.

4. Diva’s car seat. She has outgrown it so I’ve replaced with a full-backed booster seat (yay, another thing thing to throw away in a year or three)

5. Ugly mugs. Lovely DH has a way of asking me about things at inopportune moments. Like “where should this gadget go?”, “what do you want me to do with this potplant?”, “are you saving this paper for anything special?”. You know, arb questions about stuff that has ZERO urgency but for some reason has to be answered immediately and usually when I have my hands full with a wriggly toddler and my mind on something else. In the interests of getting him to stop asking I usually say “just get rid of it”. So when he said we had too many mugs I may have said “get rid of some”. Only he decided to get rid of all the mugs at the front of the cupboard. You know, the ones that matched. The ones you could serve tea to your boss in without any embarassment. He left one of those nice mugs. ONE! And of course also the mug of the mountains that reveals a pack of brightly coloured wolves when filled with hot liquid, the mug that says “my boss is a comedian because the wages he pays are a joke” and other mugs given as gag gifts by well-meaning people over the years. Man I hate those stupid mugs! The ugly mugs must go… just as soon as I find bearable ones that are reasonably priced.

6. The jolly jumper

7. All the clothes the kids have outgrown

8. Old mobile phones

9. Board games with missing pieces

10. The baby monitor – DestructaBoy is loud enough without it being amplified!

11. The breast-pump. Because lets face it, my breastfeeding days are over.

12. Incense. We aren’t using it and if we did it would just set off all the smoke alarms.

13. The lamp shade that has been broken for the longest time. In fact, we should just get rid of the lamps, they take up more floor space than they deserve.

14. Plastic table that DH picked up on inorganics day and has never been used by the kids.

15. Hundreds of CD’s. I’m not sure what to do with these? All our music is saved on our harddrive and we only play it through the PC, having all these CD’s feels like a waste of space.

16. DVD’s. Ditto to the above.

17. Punching bag. Bought with the best of intentions but never really used.

18. Thin clothes. Its been 5 years and I think its time to accept that having children has changed my body forever. I will never again be a size 10. I’ll be lucky if I manage a size 12.

19. Hookah pipe. Nice souvenirs from Turkey but we’re hardly going to be using them.

20. Playstation. That never gets played.

21. Nintendo Wii (see above)






























What odd stuff have you got at home that should really be thrown/given away?


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18 thoughts on “Get rid of 50 things

  1. Wow, good for You!!
    It feels great to purge. Just before we moved I did a big purge, got rid of ALL the kids clothes that don’t fit and went to the dump about 10 times…. its quite amazing how quickly we accumulate stuff, especially when you bear in mind nearly all our stuff is in a shipping container.
    Now we are back in Aussie we have just the 120kg of luggage we arrived with… along with furniture and minimal stuff supplied by generous friends.
    I can’t believe how liberated it feels!!!!! I hope we can keep it up, luckily we are living in a small townhouse so there’s little room to accumulate stuff… (i hope!!!)
    oh and the Wii… that darn Wii, ours stayed in the box since January and today is its first outing……..

  2. Oooer, what a challenge! I think I need to take it up, I often think about how much RUBBISH I hold onto “just in case”, haha!
    Doing 50 items makes it kinda fun and gives me a goal….!

  3. Take the CDs to an opp shop or second hand music store. After all the criminals who steal them when they break into houses have to hock them somewhere – someone must buy them off people! Great challenge, by the way. I love getting rid of stuff.

  4. scaryteri on said:


  5. Brilliant! Although, does this mean you have just made another job for you at home when it would be nice to sit and have a cuppa? Also, I know a home that would be willing to try a wii 🙂

  6. Hahaha – I remember the mug incident!
    Getting rid of stuff is soooo therapeutic. I find it incredibly soothing.
    A friend of mine is having a 2nd hand clothes party next week Wed. We all have to bring our clothes that we don’t wear/no longer fit into etc and then we all dive into everyone else’s and see if there is anything we like. Not only do you pick up a few nice items, but it’s an opportunity to drink wine and catch up.
    Otherwise I don’t have a lot to throw out right now. Most of my life is still in boxes in Jhb…

  7. I might have to follow suit on this one T, sounds like an awesome idea and our hous is way too tiny for all the big house furniture (and shit) we have collected, toys I find are the biggest clutter creator but I dont have the heart to pass on/sell on because as soon as I pull them out to organise the kids start playing with them again!

  8. me too, please! i’ll be making my list shortly. I threw out in the kitchen the other day.. and it felt so good that I decided to tackle one room a week and just toss everything out that I should’ve tossed ages ago.

  9. Keep that Wii – Jamie saved up for over a year and finally got one yesterday – 7 + Wii = afternoon nap 😉

  10. Good luck!

    I am also busy with a de-clutter. I am doing one room at a time until its how I want it. I did a big throw out though of the whole house (except kids rooms) – so step one is done in each room but there is more stuff that MUST go! I have to do it when D isnt here otherwise he wants to keep it :-p

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