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Big milestones this week

So, two big milestones this week for our family this week:

1. Yesterday we enrolled the Diva in school. When we were first pregnant with her I remember seeing little girls walking to school, in too big uniforms with their hair beautifully plaited and thinking “wow, one day I’ll also have a little girl on her way to school”. At the time it seemed so far in the future – to me it represented the dream of having children. And in a few short months it’ll be my little one heading off to school. She loved the visit we had yesterday and the school seems to really value children’s creativity so it will be a good place for our smart, funny, imaginative  girl!

2. And then, today is DestructaBoy’s 1st birthday! Its a bittersweet moment, bitter because he is growing so fast and I was hoping time would pass more slowly with him being our last baby, and also because its days like today that remind us how far away from family we are. Our baby is 1 and none of our family members have met him yet. Just saying it hurts. Best we focus on the ‘sweet’… what a blessing this little guy is! People I know spoke about how hard the transition from one to two children is but we’ve had the opposite experience, this little boy is so laid back, just a charming, smiley little guy that fits in with whatever is going on around him. Very much a boy he doesn’t crawl, he gallops, and he’s recently discovered climbing so he’s clambering up on anything that stands still for long enough. Happy birthday my Angel!


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20 thoughts on “Big milestones this week

  1. Mark Johnson on said:

    Thinking about Seuss in a papoose or a moose on the loose to distract myself … the distance sucks.

    I hope that it’s a happy happy birthday … your blog is an odd vehicle for those wishes … but oddly appropriate.

    Much love


  2. Beautiful video.

  3. Love the video – happy birthday pudding

  4. Congrats! Those are big milestones. My little one will be 1 next week, too.

  5. Oh this is SUCH a gorgeous video! Happy birthday big boy 🙂

  6. Awwww Happy Birthday Little Guy!!
    What a gorgeous video. So beautiful.

    BTW, The Baby was very taken by the video too, and blew some kisses!

  7. Happy birthday E!!! Hope he has had a great day!!

    I was unable to view the video here.. It says its copyrighted in my country??

    Will try again later…

  8. What amazing photos, two very beautiful children. Happy Birthday little boy – Ann-Maria xx

  9. That made me cry – beautiful!

  10. LOVE the video. I have watched it 3 times now. What beautiful memories! You guys seem so settled and happy. It’s heartwarming.

  11. Yoh, I kept hoping that video would end… I was grinding my teeth and swallowing hard and holding my top and bottom eye-lids open with my thumb and forefinger – anything to stop from bawling in the middle of my office.

    Look, granted I have no daughters, but I do know that the love you share with your son will be the greatest of the Great Romances of your life! It is something special!

    A belated happy 1st Birthday Mr Emmett!

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