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Do you enjoy traveling or would you rather be at home?

I LOVE travelling. I love the planning, I love the research, I love the hunt for flights and accommodation and interesting things to do. I love meeting new people, seeing different places and tasting unusual food. I love airplanes and airports and wondering where people are going. I love hotels (especially if they come with aircon, swimming pools and huge beds with starched sheets). Sometime I like to travel alone and not make any bookings, just arrive at a hotel and wing it.

I cant wait until my kids are big enough to travel with me and are old enough to enjoy the experience – right now they’re at an age where they’re just annoyed at the change to their routine 🙂

Are you a homebody or do you like to travel?


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5 thoughts on “Do you enjoy traveling or would you rather be at home?

  1. I really love travelling, but have recently discovered I do not enjoy travelling with children who are too young to be entertained by things like sweets, dvds, books, and toys that dont rattle…..
    So the next time I travel… (apart from back and forth to NZ) It will be just me and Elwic…(hubby)

  2. I am very much a home body – have no urge to travel. I am the type of person that goes places to see people not things.
    I dont mind travelling to get somewhere but once there I want to enjoy 1 place for a while. I would rather see 1 sight in one day and spend some time there than 10+ in drive-by style.
    (I could never wing it, I am not big on surprises oradventure – too stressful. I need to know where i am going to and some time to process it and be prepared (mentally) before we leave). I admire people that can,

  3. madi01 on said:

    I have seriously itchy feet. Alas time and money doesn’t allow for that now. But one day…

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