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What is your favourite summer food?

What is your favourite summer food?

I love hot white rice with ice cold salad mixed through and a liberal glug of italian salad dressing. Its a bit odd but delicious.

And fresh snapper, crumbed and shallow fried in butter. And corn on the cob.

I cannot wait for summer! As much as I love winter food and lazy days on the couch I need for my kids to be able to get out into the sun – we’re all getting cabin fever and they’re driving me crazy!


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4 thoughts on “What is your favourite summer food?

  1. twistygirl on said:

    I love summer fruits and pavlovas. Can’t wait for the summer to come around again

  2. dont think I have a favourite

  3. Oooh – beer-battered snapper! And a good south african braai!!!

    • YUM! I quite like the gas barbecues here though – no standing around while the men light a fire thats far too big and then spend 4 hours waiting for it to cool down enough not to incinerate the meat 🙂

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