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Things I’m loving this week

Doing the Paisley Jade thing again and blogging about things I am loving right now…

1. Pinterest. I love, love, love this site. I’d looked at a few pinboards before but hadn’t got an account myself until my friend Colleen nagged me about it (thanks Coll!). You can pin any images you like on the net, keeping them organised into category and share them with anyone you like. I’m a list person and to me this is like a list on steroids. Right now I have pinboards of Dr Seuss themed things for DestructaBoy’s party, things I like for the house, recipes I love or would like to try, the books I’d like to read… the possibilities are endless 🙂

2. V. I know, its bad. I am still breastfeeding, but only a few times a night so I figure I can have one can of V once or twice a week without doing any permanent damage. I love V.

3. Black Forest Cadbury chocolate. ’nuff said.

4. Sleep. We are now regularly getting sleep in blocks of 4 hours (sometimes even more). Its amazing. I’ve been going to bed super early to try maximise my enjoyment of this very rare – and possibly temporary – pleasure.


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9 thoughts on “Things I’m loving this week

  1. Long may the good sleeps continue 😀

  2. nzpixie on said:

    Mmmm, sleeeeep. Hope the 4 hours quickly becomes 5, or 6, or – imagine it! – 8 hours. As for black forest chocolate…yep.

  3. Great list – totally love Pinterest (being a list person too) and Cadbury black forest chocolate – mmmmmm!!!

  4. Yay re the sleep!! Oh and I’m completely hooked on Pinterest too

  5. Love v too.
    struggled so much throughout all my pregnancies and breast feeding without it 😦 though like you i sneaked a few here and there! I even asked for one when I was in labour with my first. Bad I know. But oh so good.
    sipping on one as I type Ha!

  6. Hooray for the sleep.. What worked in the end?

    • The Tweddle sleep training technique – controlled crying. Comfort for 10 minutes, leave the room for 2 minutes. Comfort for 10 minutes, leave the room for 4 minutes. Comfort for 10 minutes, leave the room for 6 minutes… etc. 🙂

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