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Sexual products for kids?

I’ve been called a conservative parent before, and at the time I was shocked – and a little annoyed because it didn’t seem to be very complimentary – but when I see things like this I’m glad I am conservative!

Bratz dolls (or as DH and I call them “Slutz dolls”) are not welcome in our home, ever. I don’t care how popular they are. Barbie isn’t welcomed with open arms either – especially when dressed provocatively. And we’ve been known to ruthlessly cull gifts given to our kids – even after they’ve been seen.

While I have any say in our daughter’s clothing there’ll be no miniskirts, midriff tops or padded bras (and the fact that thongs even come in children’s sizes makes me want to vomit).

Do people really buy their kids toy strippers poles complete with garter and fake cash?

I hope my daughter manages to get a good way through her childhood without feeling like she needs thongs, push-up bras and makeup. I hope she likes herself exactly as she is. And I hope more of the stores that sell mini strippers poles spontaneously combust šŸ˜‰


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12 thoughts on “Sexual products for kids?

  1. wow. just wow. I don’t know what else to say, this is completely shocking (and since I ALWAYS have something to say you really know it’s that bad).

    where shall we lock our girls up for the next 20 years? surely that’s not illegal if it’s in their best interests?

  2. Mark Johnson on said:

    Hear hear! Your Mum had similar boundaries huh? I think it worked for you.

    Besides … if Barbie is supposed to be so popular how come you have to buy her friends?

  3. Bron on said:


  4. That Cracked article made me immediately irrational, and grateful I have 2 boys. WTF are we doing to our girl-children… WWE and MTV gansta-rap videos are banned in our house. I don’t remember you weighing in on the “FAT” debate BTW! šŸ™‚

  5. We have Barbie BUT its all my old Barbies with her very 80s clothes :-p And I supervise when Kiara buys new clothes etc.

    So far Kiara doesnt seem too phased – she did ask for a bra the other day but purely cos a friend has one and when I said no she left it and moved on!

  6. I so hear you T! I dont allow Bratz either…and barbies? Well they are fine and they have all these long flowing princess gowns lol. Make up? I cringe! J buys for them and I hate it! When we got shopping Lem always asks for those bra and panty sets..sorry love not just yet! lol.

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