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There’s a boat in my driveway

So, there’s a boat in my driveway.

And DH is looking pretty pleased with himself.

What’s the biggest/craziest thing you’ve ever bought without first clearing it with your other half?

I think the biggest I’ve done were tickets to Thailand for our 9th/10th anniversary. That was pretty extravagant. Still not quite a 14 foot fishing boat though.

There’d better be fresh snapper in the house regularly now.


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10 thoughts on “There’s a boat in my driveway

  1. Mark Johnson on said:

    Wow, that is bold and brave (Cheryl says “mad!”)

    I guess my apex achievement was the kindle and smartpen I “bought Cheryl” in December 🙂 … pretty conservative in present company.

  2. LatteJunkie on said:

    Um wow… I need to think bigger… 😀

    I hope you have lots of fish in the freezer – you may have to buy a chest freezer!

  3. WOW! Sjoe I hope it pays off!

    I bought tickets for a surprise family to Thailand…for our 10 year anniversary (but the boys and I ended up going alone in the end, as you know)

  4. Bron on said:

    I am surprised Jay still has knee caps on which to walk out to his boat. In your position I don’t think I would have left him a pair. (A pair of anything….. mwahahaha!)
    Hope you get a LOT of fresh fish. A dent in the grocery bill to “offset” the cost of a boat? One can hope!

  5. madi01 on said:

    Al I can manage is O KOEK!!

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