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And still super pleased with ourselves

A quick update on DestructaBoy’s room – we’re pretty much done now. At some stage I’d like to paint some Dr Seuss characters on the walls but I am guessing that wont happen for a while.

Here’s a pic of the wall quote though 🙂

In other news (and I know saying this out loud will come back to bite me) DestructaBoy is sleeping from 7pm – 4am when he isn’t sick. So, 4 days a month then.

We are almost living at the doctors lately, averaging 2 visits a week. He is on his 4th ear infection for winter, another 2 and the doctors will refer him to an ENT for grommets. Which sounds like something you hack up like a giant hairball… but apparently could help a LOT.

We’re also trying to find a family to do a nanny-share with us so that he doesn’t get exposed to all the daycare germs going forward. Hold thumbs!


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8 thoughts on “And still super pleased with ourselves

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Good job on Emmets sleeping, Riley had so manny ear infections in his first year it was crazy! How does the nanny share thing work?

    Emmets room looks amazing as well, love the wall quote!

    • Did Riley grow out of it or did he get grommets?

      The nanny share thing seems to work differently depending on how the families want it to work. I’m hoping to find a family with a similarly aged child and either have the nanny look after the 2 kids at our house, or alternate houses weekly. Wish us luck!

  2. Mark Johnson on said:

    Good luck with the grommets (It’s Wallace’s friend – rather than a hairball :-)). I think that grommets and Ritalin are defacto for kids today … but grommets a whole lot more benign. I hope they help.

    Such a cool Seuss quote. I look forward to seeing the finished walls.


  3. LatteJunkie on said:

    Love the quote, never heard it before 🙂

    I am torn about the grommets – it would help but then he has to go through 2 more infections 😦

    Best of luck finding a nanny – I know it would be awesome for you!

  4. Poor munchkin and his ears 😦
    But Tanya, I really need to know how you got him to sleep (when he’s well). Really really, REALLY need to know!

    • We resorted to a controlled crying method – cant remember the name of it (Tweddle sleep technique). Comfort for 10 minutes, leave the room for 2 minutes, comfort for 10 minutes, leave the room for 4 minutes, comfort for 10 minutes, leave the room for 6 minutes…

      Good luck!

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