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Things I’m loving this week

I’m joining Paisley Jade this week in a “things I’m loving” post. Every day I have 3 or 4 moments where I think “I must blog about this tonight!” and then I get in front of a computer and forget all of them instantly.

So, this week I am loving:

The Evernote iPhone app – which I hope will help me remember all my blog ideas a bit better

Whittakers 72% Dark Ghana Chocolate

The new Google look – especially for Gmail (I know, I’m a geek, but its soooo pretty!)

Trashy Friday afternoon news stories – like this one. Good old MIL’s!

Having a full weekend planned… 5 parties!! I’d love to pretend I’m the social butterfly but 3 of those are kids parties.

Waking up with the family now that DH has better working hours. This morning I brought DestructaBoy into bed with us around 5.30, the Diva joined us at 6 and the reaction when DestructaBoy realised she was there too was priceless – I love watching the two of them together 🙂

What are you loving this week?


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6 thoughts on “Things I’m loving this week

  1. Yay – love your list!! Whittakers Dark Ghana is the best chocolate!! That email was really funny – in a scary sort of way…

  2. nzpixie on said:

    Great list…I don’t have an iPhone (please pity me) but if I did, I would definitely want that app!

  3. I like the new Google too… and I’m playing with G+ at the moment

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