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I need a housewife.

I need a housewife.

Today DestructaBoy had to be away from daycare because he had a high temperature yesterday, and we cant afford for me to be away from work again. I’ve only worked one full week out of the last seven! So he came along to work with me. My boss is really easy-going about it but this is the third or fourth time its happened and I am losing patience with it myself so I am sure my colleagues are too.

I get the feeling my colleagues don’t really understand. They don’t bring their children to work with them when they’re ill… but that’s because they all have stay at home wives!

I am very jealous. I also want someone to take care of my children when they aren’t well (if I cant do it myself). I also want someone to do the housework. And the grocery shopping. And the cooking. And pack me lunches.

My male colleagues all seem to have a rather cruisy lifestyle looking from the outside in.

No idea what I am going to do with him tomorrow because daycare will want us to keep him home again. I feel like a bad mother if I take him to daycare and a bad employee if I keep him with me… just cant win!


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16 thoughts on “I need a housewife.

  1. LatteJunkie on said:

    Oh hun… I have no idea what to say to help. So I’ll just send a cyber hug and a virtual nonfat death by chocolate!

  2. janet on said:

    *hugs* T

    I comfort myself with chocolate, and the thought that perhaps there’s a big reward somewhere at the end of this all?

  3. It is pricey but you could hire a nanny for the day???

    I used this agency once before and they were awesome

    It sucks having no family around, eh!

    Just remember this time next year your work colleagues won’t even remember 🙂

  4. shew Tanya as a working mom i know EXACTLY what you mean! I dont have any help at home is really really tough! ((hugs))

  5. Hope the nanny thing goes well
    (((HUGS))) even with a domestic at home, it’s not that easy when the kids are sick, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you

  6. so glad you found a solution and it is working out for you!

    I need a housewife too! 🙂

  7. LatteJunkie on said:

    That’s an amazing solution 😀 I hope it worked well xx

  8. I am so glad I have come accross your blog.

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