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This is really hard!

I’m being good, really I am… but its hard!

Baking is my “thing”. Every Sunday for as long as I remember I’ve baked. And then I invite people over to share the food and the company.

Now I’m on Project Get Off my Fat A** and I can’t bake. Today I paced up and down past the pantry shelves repeatedly checking if there was anything I could make without butter, sugar and chocolate. I wondered whether a carrot cake or banana bread would be cheating because hey, they have vegetables, right? And then I googled “low fat baking”.

Yeah. Right.

Low Fat, No Fun Food.

In my web search I accidentally stumbled across a recipe for a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting that nearly ended Project Get Off my Fat A** right there on the spot. It was definitely NOT low fat.

When my cravings get too bad I allow myself 2 squares of VERY good, VERY dark chocolate. And it works, for a while.

I hope soon I can fit back in my pants. And when I do that peanut butter cream cheese cake is MINE.


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6 thoughts on “This is really hard!

  1. peanut butter cream cheese cake? eeeuuuww! you know what you need? some cheesecake brownies πŸ™‚

    yay for you for sticking to your project, I hope you can get back to baking soon!

  2. Short on said:

    I have a recipe for a low-fat banana bread that actually tastes pretty darn good. Am more than happy to share it if you’d like? Although I hear ya – there are times when I’d rather have nothing at all than eat something healthy masquerading as a treat.

    Stay strong, it’ll get easier!

  3. Short on said:

    I’ll email it to you via the little linky thing at the top of your page =)

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