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Super pleased with ourselves

Supervising the painting

Guess what? Its finished! Ok… almost. DestructaBoy’s bedroom is finished enough for us to have moved him into it this evening and we’re so pleased with it.

Pleased with no longer having our lounge look like a campsite.

Pleased that we don’t have to try cram 2 beds into the Diva’s small bedroom.

Pleased that we can now watch TV at a normal volume at night.

Pleased that we have a space for all the baby paraphenalia.

And pleased because its turned out beautifully – a lovely little boys room!

So, no more whining about the 2 bedroom house!

We’re still decorating the room and it still needs skirting, a door and a new lightshade, but I LOVE it! And, it seems DestructaBoy loves it too. This evening he went to sleep in his new room without so much as a peep (of course that may be because of the paint fumes).

Slideshow of the progress below and I’ll post more pics when its all decorated 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Super pleased with ourselves

  1. Oh, it’s LOVELY!
    Hope it turns him into a sleepy baby.

  2. Cheryl on said:

    That looks absolutely amazing!

  3. I love the paint treatment…. it that a circus tent?

    • Thanks! I guess it does look a bit like a circus tent, hey? We’re doing a Dr Seuss theme so I picked colours he uses in his books and mimicked a border from one of them. We have a quote from one of his books going up on one wall and then at some stage I’ll paint a couple of his characters here and there.

  4. ah man how cute is that kiss photo! Room looks gorgeous! Well done

  5. love, love, LOVE it!! No wonder you’re thrilled, it’s gorgeous 😀

  6. Cute room and gorgeous wee photos of the supervisors. The kiss is gorgeous! He is a lucky wee man and now lucky you – enjoy!

  7. That is AWESOME!

  8. It looks so awesome. Well done 🙂

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