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Project “get off my fat a**”

Today, instead of a foodporn Friday post I launch Project Get Off my Fat Ass.

I can no longer get into my pants. There are one or two pairs I can get into but once in I can either zip them up, or sit down, but not both.

So, the only baking for the last few weeks in this house has been promptly sent off to friends and last night I went to a boxing class and sweated and swore for an hour and 15 minutes. Today I am stiff, sore and very glad that day 1 is behind me… onward and upward (or downward).

I have booked and paid for 10 classes – do not let me flunk out on this one! As much as I hate exercise I cannot afford a new larger wardrobe. These ARE my fat pants.


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10 thoughts on “Project “get off my fat a**”

  1. Bron on said:

    Splendid! A little synchronicity halfway around the planet.
    I am launching my own similar campaign, for similar reasons. Today I snuck into work in blue jeans (look it’s a Friday in between a public holiday and a weekend – I feel sanctimonious for being here at all) because I didn’t feel like ironing one of the only two pairs of work pants I still fit into and it’s too cold to wear a skirt.
    Today I started the morning with 10 push-ups on the bedroom floor.
    Hopefully I might be able to start real exercise again soon. Hold thumbs my mother’s house is ok and she can move in on Monday – that would free up a fair amount of my time, which I will put straight into exercise!
    Here’s to moving those kgs!

  2. “once in I can either zip them up, or sit down, but not both”
    Bwahahahahaha! I SO know that feeling!

  3. I am *so* with you T!! I decided last week that thats it! I am NOT buying bigger clothes! I have a closet full of clothes that I WILL fit into ! lol Good Luck!

  4. Oh! I totally need to fit more exercise in! I haven’t been gaining (nursing = more calories to eat thank you) but that is going to be stopping soon… (cue the ominous music here…) We all know what that means.

    Maybe I will pull out those old kickboxing dvd’s for post bed time… Wait that is my blog-time…hmmm… šŸ™‚

    • I admire anyone who can exercise at home! I need some big red-faced guy scaring the hell out of me before I’ll move a muscle. At home I just find other things that need doing immediately… like washing the windows šŸ˜›

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