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I know it’s Thursday, but I had a great weekend!

Rather a late update given its Thursday already 🙂

We’ve just come back from a much needed weekend away in Wellington where we headed to catch up with some of our extended family who live in that neck of the woods. It had its ups and downs – we’ve all been sick and we ended up at the local hospital on the first night unable to get Diva’s temperature to come down, we almost missed our flight after she threw up in the airport foodcourt and then in true Saffer style customs found a knife in one of our bags (left there accidentally I promise!).

But after all the drama we had a great weekend! It was so good to spend time with family (and it reminded us how much we miss the rest of the family too). I’m hoping we’ll be able to go down again sometime over the Christmas break and for longer than a day and a half this time.

I’d post pics but my wonderful better half has them still in camera (next time I’ll keep my iPhone handy and just use that :P).

In only 8 weeks our boy turns 1! Wow, that went very, very fast! I’m starting to wonder what people do for birthday parties in winter? Usually I’d do a barbecue/braai but I suspect the weather isn’t going to be great. Any suggestions? (make that suggestions for a winter birthday in a small home). I tend to do everything revolving around food so I’m guessing until I know what I plan to feed people I wont be able to organise anything else.

Will add some pictures when I can wrestle them off DH.


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3 thoughts on “I know it’s Thursday, but I had a great weekend!

  1. Glad you had such a good weekend. It must be great to see family after so long!

    My birthday is in July and both years I’ve done something during the day, it is still chilly but not as bad if I had had it in the evening. Last year I had a chinese braai which was a great hit…the food was really yummy and it was reasonable (thanks to Fruit and Veg City). The year before we spent the day at Emmarentia watching Johnny Clegg with lots of warm gluwein to keep us warm.

    Food wise if you are going to have it indoors, why don’t you make soup or a big post of hearty stew?

  2. Fondue! Always lovely in winter, especially if you can do it in front of a nice warm fire.
    Or pizza (make your own types) and movies, under nice cozy duvets.

    I’m so glad you guys managed to enjoy your weekend away despite the illnesses and such.

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