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I Want to Brag A Minute

Anyone reading knows that I complain a lot about us having bought a 2 bedroom house.

Like here in “Anything weighing on your mind“.

And here in Q&A.

I didnt realise when we bought it how much it would impact us. Right now DestructaBoy’s cot is in the lounge, his change table is in the diningroom and his toys, blankets etc are, well, everywhere.

So, onto the bragging!

Look how smart my better half is! Over the last week DH has built a wall across a large alcove in our diningroom to separate it into a perfectly decent sized diningroom and a single bedroom :). I am pleased as punch. I’ll be absolutely thrilled when its all finished!

This is before the plasterboard went up. We still need to gib, seal, put on skirting and paint.


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13 thoughts on “I Want to Brag A Minute

  1. Awesome!

    That’s brilliant and you added value to your property šŸ™‚

  2. Bron on said:

    Who’s clever idea was that?

    It’s looking good – well done, Jay!

  3. Barb on said:

    It is so handy having a handy man. Well done J – cant wait to see the finished room. Looks lovely and looks like both rooms have enough space to do what needs doing in.

  4. Charms on said:

    U must be thrilled – it looks good; I’ll have to come and visit to see it for myself:-)

  5. How clever šŸ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. aaawweesome! can’t wait to see it after paint etc is all done.

  7. That’s very clever!!

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