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Happy birthday to me

Woohoo… finally 30! Its funny, I’ve felt 30 for at least the last 10 years 😛

How awesome is this birthday cake?

I’m feeling very spoiled already, even though I haven’t yet opened my gifts. My sister, knowing my fascination with all the weird and wonderful edible things in America, sent me a box full of wrapped presents and food. So breakfast this morning is Twinkies! And my Mum sent 2 enormous packages over the last month which I was told not to open until today. So I am really looking forward to this evening 🙂

I’m considering spoiling myself too, with a Kindle or a Nook. But before I do, any recommendations from someone who has one? Is it a good buy or do you regret it? Its very extravagant… so I’ll probably just daydream about it forever.


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19 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Happy Birthday Sweets!!

  2. Happy happy bday!
    My kindle rocks the party that rocks the party!!!!

  3. janet on said:

    Get a kindle. You won’t regret it. Promise!

  4. Ok, firstly – 30?!?!?! Welcome to this side of the hill!

    My thoughts on nook vs kindle are biased 😛 I LOVE the Nook. Seriously – it’s the Ipad without the price tag. The only downside so far is needing a US billing address to buy books from Barnes and Noble. That being said you can buy from any other ebook seller.

    I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  5. Cheryl Mac on said:

    Love that cake. Looks cute and very yummy.
    Have a fantastic birthday T. Sounds like you were spoilt already, why not add a Kindle to the spoiling. Hubbie bought one, and once he has gotten through his books and I am finished with my exams I want to claim it but it looks like it may be difficult.

  6. Mark Johnson on said:

    More birthday wishes – have a special day!

    Love the Kindle. Cheryl got one for Christmas … lucky me!

  7. Bron on said:

    I have no idea what the Nook is like. I love my Kindle. I have the 3g version. The internet browsing is extremely clunky – but that’s not what the device is aimed at, it’s just an extra. I also haven’t bought any e-books yet. I think they are a bit expensive, especially from SA. I just got a whole lot of books in pdf format and popped them onto the Kindle using usb.
    Bear in mind that you should really get a case too. I don’t have one and I live in fear that one day I will open my bag and the Kindle screen will be broken. I think the case prices are expensive.

    I certainly think you deserve whichever one you decide on. When last did you spoil yourself with a decent present?

    • Good to hear you love it! I think I may keep my eyes peeled for a 2nd hand Nook and see if one comes up. I like the thought of having full web browsing available because I read so many blogs it’d be useful

      • Bron on said:

        I presume you have read the wiki page on the Nook? Had interesting things like – if you want root access to install software for Nook apps then you need one from 2010 onwards.
        Go for it! You are such a bookworm that you NEEEEED one 😀

      • Ooh, I hadnt read it yet but think I’d better!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I can’t believe you are only 30… :O All the best for a really great day and year ahead.

    And kindle – do it! I don’t know about the nook but we downloaded the kindle on the ipad and I love it and it is cheaper than buying books and so light. I love it.

    I am loving my thirties. I hope you do too!


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