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My favourite thing to cook

I love it when NaBloPoMo has a foodie topic 🙂

I don’t know if I can choose just one favourite thing to cook. I love cooking and baking almost as much as I love eating. I love spending time cooking a creamy risotto with butternut, bacon and red onions. I love my slow cooker and having the smells of a homemade stew or filling for a chicken pie filling the kitchen during a cold day. I love an old fashioned roast with all the trimmings.

I think my favourite savoury thing to cook is a persian lamb stew that my dad adjusted to his liking called karafs khoresh – but I almost never get to make it because DH cant stand celery. I’ll post my dad’s version one day when I get to make it again – his includes prunes and they make it a special treat served with couscous.

I bake because I have a serious sweet tooth! I love Spiral pudding from my friend Anne, a sponge pudding soaked in a sweet milky syrup. I love Janet’s sticky chocolate pudding with ice-cream. I love caramel cheesecake. I really really love sh*t cake… even if I loathe making it.

If I even think about food for much longer they may have to move me out of my house with a crane 😛


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9 thoughts on “My favourite thing to cook

  1. oh I would love the recipe for the risotto. That sounds pretty good 🙂

    • No recipe really – fry up chopped red onion and bacon, set aside. Roast some chunks of butternut. Make risotto as usual and then stir in the bacon, onion and butternut towards the end. Add some cream at the end if you have it and some grated parmesan. YUM!

  2. Bron on said:

    Hmm, I now have a craving for roast beef with roast potatoes. It’s 9am. Thanks.

  3. Risottos intimidate me for some reason but they look so yummy! Really need to try one!

  4. Now I’m hungry again… thanks!

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