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Anything weighing on your mind?

A NaBloPoMo topic this week was “what is currently weighing on your mind?” and I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I like to so I am grabbing any topic I can find 🙂

So last year we put in an offer on a lovely house. A lovely 2 bedroom house. And then found out we were pregnant (I don’t know why we were surprised, we had been trying… but for some reason in the excitement about the house it had slipped my mind).

So, we live in a 2 bedroom house, with 2 children and my lounge looks like a campsite – its full of toys and a cot and a bouncy chair and a rocking chair along with all the usual lounge paraphernalia.

And the thing that is weighing on my mind is wishing we’d bought a larger home in a cheaper area and scheming about how we could make it happen (short answer is we cant… but it doesn’t stop me obsessing).

Whats weighing on your mind?


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6 thoughts on “Anything weighing on your mind?

  1. Bron on said:

    Carry on scheming and obsessing. You never know!
    Too much stuff on my mind to bore you with. So I won’t 😀

    • Go on… you know I want to hear!

      • Bron on said:

        Oh, sooooo much.
        Stupid car broke in a number of places. I was about two thirds of the way through fixing it when the auto-electrician fixed one thing (difflock control unit and motor) and returned the car to me. Two days later the alternator went. (Massive co-incidence?)I took it back. He fixed the alternator and returned the car with a steering problem and a ripped off Netstar panic button. i told the to fix it. Now I have squealing steering and braking, a 100% non-functional Netstar unit, a speedo and odometer that don’t work at all and god knows what else I haven’t discovered. Then the SOB decided to close up shop due to a recent heart attack (yeah I would have had sympathy but he has seriously screwed me over.) So now I sit with fubarred car which I must get fixed. House builders are even worse SOB’s. They signed off that there is a 2nd geyser. there isn’t. Snag list is 200 items long (plus minus) and every time I look there is more. Oh oops – there does not appear to be underfloor heating in the bathroom. Oh oops – there is shit in the roof. Yes, they were too lazy to get down from the roof so they took 2 dumps and some wees up there. Wiped their butts with roof insulation and newspaper.
        And so it goes. Many other building issues too, which I have to follow up. Many many emails now pending for me to write. And it is such a pain to write these sorts of things. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

      • Oh my gosh. Horrified by the builders!!! Horrified! And the car sucks 😦

  2. What isnt weighing on my mind is more of an apt question!

    I am feeling hugely overwhelmed right now!

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