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Do you like beginnings?

There’s something special about the start of something, that sense of anticipation, the shiny newness of it all. I love starting a new job, making a new friend, setting off on a trip, moving to a new country, having a new baby… I love beginnings.

With one exception – relationships. I like my relationship comfortable, well-worn and with a sense of shared history. It doesn’t matter that we were far more exciting and attractive 13 years ago, I am happier and more connected now than I was in the first month of our relationship.

Do you like beginnings?


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One thought on “Do you like beginnings?

  1. Barb on said:

    Dont know never thought about it – I think for the most part I would have to say no as change (even good) is stressful to me, it takes me a while to get comfortable.

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