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What is the story behind your name?

My brother, sister and I all have names out of Dr Zhivago (which, I’ve never read). I’m not wild about my name – but who is? It sure could have been a lot worse… I believe for part of her pregnancy my mother wanted to name me Serenity (how funny would that have been!).

For our own kids, I’d always loved the name Isabella. It was classic, and besides… just look at Isabella Rossellini. Of course after our daughter was born and named someone sent me a link to Isabella Rossellini doing whale porn (dont ask, go see for yourself) and then – completely unrelated I’m sure – every second female child in the Western world ended up being named Isabella.

When we were expecting a second child I wanted a name that wasn’t popular. I loved Hebrew names, DH likes Irish names. Our son ended up being Emmett Declan (so clearly I lost that battle). I love that I haven’t yet met anyone else with the same name.

What is the story behind your name? How do you feel about it?


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5 thoughts on “What is the story behind your name?

  1. Bron on said:

    Hehe – Serenity! It’s so hippy 🙂
    My Dad wanted to name me Syringa. Errrmmm…. thanks, Mum, for prevailing.
    We could have been Senerity and Syringa. How cute would that have been? (Not)
    My Mom wanted Bronwyn because at that stage it was wildly different and she liked it. Of course (just like with Belle) soon after I was born How Green is my Valley arrived on the scene (tv, I think?) and every man and his dog named his daughter Bronwyn 😀

  2. My parents were very lame and uninspired when it came to naming me. My brother was in Grade 1 at the time and after me being nameless for up to a week I believe, they eventually just chose the name from my brother’s Grade 1 reader. You know ‘See Jane. See Jane run. Run Jane run.’? OMG!! Seriously!? Sadly, yes… oh well I guess it could have been worse, I could have ended up as Dora, from ‘Dick & Dora’.

    Anhoo so I grew up being ‘plain Jane’ and hated it. And decided my kids needed more interesting names and names actually chosen for them too! I wanted names that are different but recognizable and that you will have heard before, but not often.

    I didn’t want to to be SO way out that people would think WTF!? Like Moonunit or Dweezle or something 😉

    Anyway I latched on to Quinn, which I got from the song ‘Quinn the Eskimo’ It was written by Bob Dylan but was made popular by Manfred Mann.The name means wise and intelligent and that fits him very well too.

    Then with Griffin I wanted to call him Aiden, and DH thought that would sound doff, since there is an actor called Aiden Quinn ;). I started liking the name Griffin (Julia from party of five’s boyfriend was called Griffin and it really grew on me). There is a lot of mythology and heraldry surrounding the name which I liked. The gryphon is a mythical beast, half lion and half eagle who guarded the holy grail and presided over heaven and earth. It means Brave Protector.

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