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Should schools control what kids eat for lunch?

Post a Day 2011 topic #112: Should schools control what kids eat for lunch? Some schools in Chicago now ban lunches from home for health reasons – kids either eat the school food, or nothing.

I hate feeling as though the government is interfering in my home life – especially because I know they don’t stay up to date with the latest research and tend to be a bit alarmist about things. I would prefer schools offer healthy lunch options but not stop parents from sending in lunches for their children (made up of whatever they choose).

I can see why they think restrictions like this are helpful but it makes me dig my heels in and feel a bit rebellious.

If I knew our school offered healthy lunch options I’d be very happy to have my child eat there instead of taking a packed lunch – but don’t try force me into it.


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4 thoughts on “Should schools control what kids eat for lunch?

  1. Cheryl Mac on said:

    If the school offered a healthy lunch at a reasonable price, I would definitely go for that option rather than trying to figure out what my kids will eat this week. I do like to pack treats into my kids’ lunchbox (with the fruit) because they do need a little pick me up the same that we do.
    This is an extreme ‘lets do something quickly to fix this’ approach is not helpful to students or parents, especially as it seems that most schools in the US had vending machines with Coke etc. for students.

  2. Hell no! No one has a higher right over my kid than I (and their dad) do.

  3. After watching Jamie Olivers journey through the states and the UK trying to get school kids to eat properly I would actually say I am all for this – purely cos it seems parents dont seem able to provide their kids with proper lunches!

    But I would also get very anti if I was forced to do anything!

  4. I am sorry – that is ridiculous. Lunches served by schools have been notoriously unhealthy! I am all about forcing the school to serve better food – but no way will they be banning my food for MY KID!

    We send our girl to a preschool that parents take turns sending snack… it is pretty horrible to read what is sent. The instructions call to send juice plus some food – but after the first time, we have been sending herbal tea.. 🙂 That has been the hardest part about the school – which we love for everything else.

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