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What is something you always have with you?

Besides the usual wallet, phone, ID, and the mom stuff (nappies, wipes, spare clothes etc) the thing I always have with me is something I’m a teeny bit superstitious about.

I love to travel and used to do at least one overseas trip a year – before kids, that is. On my very first overseas trip I took a US$10 note from the money I exchanged and I have kept it with me ever since. I’ve gotten a bit attached to what it represents – travel, adventure, the thrill of the unknown – and I’m a bit superstitious that if I lost/spent it it would mean the end of travelling for me.

What is something you always have with you?


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4 thoughts on “What is something you always have with you?

  1. Errrr, lipice? How boring when I compare it to your 10 dollah.

  2. Michelle on said:

    All the boring stuff! But you made me remember that I still have in my wallet a crumpled up old US $1 bill from a school trip to California years ago. It’s just about in tatters but I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it!

  3. I actually think that is SO cool! Speaks to my 19 year old self (she who keeps surfacing from time to time… strangely she likes to make herself known around birthdays!)

    The honest answer would be my cigarettes and lighter. My sort of interesting answer is plasters and stickers… every kid in my life knows to come to me for a plaster (well aside from mine because the only time they get to use a plaster is when I use it to keep one of their limbs semi-attached en route to the hospital!)

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